Individual & Business Issues

Individual & Business Issues

The ASU Law Group can help with a variety of consumer law issues, including predatory lending claims, problems with access to credit, consumer debt problems, issues with insurance, and vehicle sales transactions, loans and contracts.

Consumer Legal Services for Predatory Lending Claims

Predatory lending can occur when lenders target consumers applying for home loans or mortgages who might not actually qualify for a regular prime loan. Borrowers of these home loans are often targeted through sales tactics that point the consumer away from their best interests.

Other considerations for predatory lending claims include excessive home loan mortgage fees, unnecessary products or insurance, abusive or abnormal prepayment penalties, home loan flipping, or mandatory arbitration clauses that require consumers to give up certain legal rights.

The ASU Law Group can help consumers understand and assert their rights in dealing with mortgage lenders and home loans.

Consumer Legal Services for Credit

Consumer credit laws contained in various federal and state statutes are designed to protect consumers and provide the credit industry with specific guidelines regarding how to operate and provide credit for consumers.

The ASU Law Group can help consumers understand and assert their rights in dealing with credit card companies and other credit services.

Consumer Legal Services for Consumer Debt

Consumer debt can include but is not limited to credit card debt, payday loans, and other consumer finance. Often, consumer debt has high interest rates. In addition, debt collection companies can engage in unfair and abusive tactics when trying to collect on consumer debt, including calling too often and too late, failing to disclose who they are, and attempting to collect on old debt.

The ASU Law Group can help consumers understand and assert their rights with respect to consumer debt and debt collection practices.

Consumer Legal Services for Insurance

Insurance consumer legal services can include help with healthcare insurance, automotive insurance, home owners insurance, retirement insurance and more.

The ASU Law Group can help with disputes over insurance availability and claims.

Consumer Legal Services for Vehicle Sales Transactions, Loans and Contracts

Buying a car can be stressful and confusing, and sales documents can leave car buyers uncertain about financing terms, interest rates, and additional products that may have been included in a transaction.

The ASU Law Group can help car buyers understand the terms of their sales transaction including contracts, loans and additional products, and what rights and remedies car buyers might have when there is a problem with a car sale.