Family Law

Family Law

The ASU Law Group offers a variety of family law services. Our family law Supervising Attorney has years of experience in a variety of family law matters. In order to make legal services more accessible and affordable, we offer parties the option of limited scope representation in appropriate cases. Limited scope services may include, for example, consultations, document review and preparation, or court appearances for particular events in a case.

Dissolution (Divorce) Services

The ASU Law Group provides representation in dissolution (divorce) and legal separation cases, from filing through the final decree. We can also assist with divorce alternatives such as legal separation and annulment.

There are a number of issues involved in dissolution cases, including issues related to decision making as to the children of the marriage, how the parents share parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance (sometimes called ‘alimony’) and division of property and debts.

  • Legal Decision Making: In Arizona, the term “custody” is no longer used by the courts and statutes. Instead, family courts use the terms “legal decision making” and “parenting time.” A parent with legal decision making rights has the authority to make important decisions for his/her children, including educational and health decisions.
  • Parenting Time: Parenting time refers to the schedule of time during which parents are entitled to have physical custody of their children. In Arizona, both parents are generally entitled to reasonable parenting time to ensure that a child has frequent contact with both parents.
  • Child Support: Whether a parent receives child support depends in part upon how much parenting time each parent has. The amount of a child support order will also depend on other factors, including each parent’s gross income, childcare costs, day care or school costs, and many other factors described in the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. The Supreme Court Child Support web page provides a child support calculator and additional general information.
  • Spousal Maintenance: Sometimes the court will order one party to pay the other to assist a spouse in meeting his or her reasonable financial obligations. There are a number of factors used to determine whether, how much and for how long spousal maintenance will be awarded.
  • Property and Debt Division: Generally, all property acquired and debt incurred during the marriage will be community property subject to equitable division, but there are notable exceptions to that general rule.

At the ASU Law Group, we have attorneys who can assist with all of these issues.

Paternity Actions

The ASU Law Group represents parties in actions to establish (or contest) paternity, which involve issues of legal decision making authority, parenting time and child support.

Modification Actions

The ASU Law Group represents parties in actions to modify existing court orders related to children and support orders, after a decree or other order has been entered.

Enforcement Actions

The ASU Law Group represents parties seeking to enforce the terms of existing orders regarding parenting time, support and property division.

Relocation Actions

Relocation of the residence of a parent can disrupt existing parenting time. The court must determine what is in the best interests of a child when one parent wants to.