Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The ASU Law Group drafts estate plans catered to a client’s unique needs. Our estate planning practice focuses on protecting a client’s family and assets, and minimizing potential tax exposure. We offer the following services:

  • Living Trusts
  • Wills
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • LGBT Estate Planning

Healthcare Directives

Advance directives are legal documents designed to communicate a client’s wishes for medical treatment and intervention. By creating a directive, a client relieves their family of having to make decisions at an emotional time.

The ASU Law Group works with clients to craft directives that communicate their medical decisions to healthcare professionals in a clear and unambiguous manner. We draft living wills, medical and mental health powers of attorney, and other directives based on the client’s goals.