Business Matters

Business Matters

The ASU Law Group offers a variety of services for small businesses, including contract drafting and negotiations, policy and procedure services, and assistance with human resources issues.

Business Formation

We can help businesses form the right entity to meet their unique needs. Our formation services include:

  • Business Entity Selection and Formation
  • Consulting & Independent Contractor Agreements
  • LLC & Shareholder Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Contract Development & Review
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Drafting or Review of Business Contracts
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Purchase of Business Property (including buildings and land)
  • Franchising


We assist businesses with general and limited partnership agreements, certificates and amendments of limited partners, business certificates, assignments of interest of partnership property, agreements to dissolve a partnership, and more.


We help businesses with the entire process of forming their LLCs, from articles of organization and amendments, to operating agreements and articles of dissolution, and more.


We offer services to corporations including drafting certificates of incorporation, bylaws and amendments, corporate minutes, certificates of dissolution, and other corporate compliance documents.

Non-Profit Services

The ASU Law Group is skilled in providing legal services to non-profits and charities. In addition to all of the above, our services include formation of public charities and private foundations, obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status, governance, charitable giving, fundraising and endowments.

Contract Drafting, Negotiations, and Disputes

The ASU Law Group can draft, review and negotiate contracts with vendors, employees, business partners and others to ensure that they address and meet our client’s needs.

In addition to drafting contracts, the ASU Law Group represents businesses in contract disputes. We may negotiate and, if required, represent clients in both arbitration and litigation matters.

Policy and Procedure Assistance

Small businesses must create, document, and implement proper policies and procedures to run smoothly and to build and grow their business. The ASU Law Group assists clients with selecting and drafting important policies and procedures.

Human Resources & Employment Services

The ASU Law Group may represent businesses or employees in employment related matters. We can draft policies, and represent clients with wage claims, discharge, and employment disputes.

Intellectual Property Matters

We can provide assistance with trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.