Lawrence Koplow

Lawrence Koplow is a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and a trial lawyer for over 15 years with over 200 jury trials. The majority of these cases involved allegations of impaired driving and criminal charges ranging from DUI to Vehicular Homicide.

Lawrence’s practice involves litigating issues concerning the use of forensic toxicology, metrology, laboratory quality assurance, quality control and forensic malpractice.

His work has helped shape Arizona case law and effectuated changes in the way Arizona crime laboratories now conduct their work. His trials, appellate work, and presentations to the legal community, have expanded the boundaries of what Arizona courts allow as a legal defense for cases involving allegations based upon “scientific” evidence.

While in private practice, Lawrence still performs a significant amount of pro bono work. His career continues to focus on raising public awareness and helping citizens facing allegations founded on unsound science in both criminal and civil cases.

In 2015, the Arizona Attorneys For Criminal Justice honored Lawrence with the “Outstanding Contribution To DUI Defense Award.” This is the first time the organization has ever given such an award in its history.